How do I make a button disappear when pressing it

how do I make a button invisible when clicked, then spawn another button after its clicked

You can’t make buttons invisible in game, but you can use barrier art.

I’m trying to make a tycoon and make more buttons appear is there a way for that?

you can deactivate it
and custom buttons are a thing

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Screenshot 2024-04-30 9.44.10 AM
this wha I got, I dont know how to also get income every second and also increase the more buttons you buy

You basically make the shape of the button out of barriers. Make each button deactivate itself and then activate the next button.


item granters and some form of a repeater

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one more thing, how to I make you buy something from a button

vending machines maybe. (I don’t think i am good at creative)

vending machine but hide the body

or try this, make the button invisible during game, and make it so where button pressed, deactivate button, look at this settings, you can use any channel name of your choice


Then after you did this, make a button using barrier something like this

Now, wire the button to each barrier like this

Now, just put the button under the barrier, and that should be it.

This only uses in total of 110 memory compared to a vending machine using 125

Found it out thank you

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