How do I make a boss fight come out when a timer ends

I made this and I want to do it how the timer ends and the boss is enabled and you have to fight it

I think you might not want to use a property

wait what, what do u mean

when is the boss supposed to show up?

and are you using channels?

the boss shows up when the timer ends (ends at 0 starts at 30)

and yes I am using channels

what starts the timer and why a property

is there a target value for the counter?

@dx7h I think you just need to connect the counter to the actual boss, and make it activate. also, wires are more reliable than channels

Connect the counter to the relay(if boss spawns for certain people) or the boss(if boss spawns for everyone). If u use relay then connect relay to boss. Edit: wiring = counter reaches target value to trigger relay/activate sentry. Relay triggered to activate sentry.

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it had already worked I just frogot to add the solution thanks for the reply


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