How do I make a barrier where people can pass but weapon shots cant

how do I make a barrier where people can pass but weapon shots cant? (i dont want people shooting people who are answering questions)

Turn player collision off.

Use a zone with weapon fire disabled

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just place zone that does not allow gadget fire, then place a barrier on it that has no collision, so you can walk, and not shoot.

invisible prop with no collision

Sadly this isn’t possible, but you can add barriers for the player to enter through a teleporter. Add a zone that blocks weapon fire inside the place.

I think a barrier would work better as (I believe) it uses less space

how do i make a barrier not have collision??

Scroll down through the all options in its settings, its at the very bottom

Look in the β€œAll Options” tab and go to the setting β€œCollision Enabled” and set that to no.

This is actually quite simple. All you need to do is place down a barrier, and set the scope to player. Then use a lifecycle paired with a relay to deactivate the barrier for everyone. This deactivated barrier will still block all shots.

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what @WhoAmI said lol

What @The_7th_Dragon @Haiasi said, sorry I was not able to answer sooner.

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