How Do I Make A 1 Shot Cooldown?

ok so i want to be able to have a zapper, and i want it to be able to be shot one time, and only ONE time, then have a cooldown of 10 seconds, maybe less, maybe more idk, just a set cooldown.

In the map settings, turn off infinite refills. Make it so you are granted one light shard for the zapper at the start of the game. Place a checker and set it so it checks if you less than one light shard. Connect a lifecycle to the checker. Connect the checker to a wire repeater (check fails → wire pulse) then connect the wire repeater to the checker. Connect the checker to a wire repeater (check passes → wire pulse) and make it so the wire repeater has a delay of 10 seconds. Connect the wire repeater to both the checker and an item granter that will grant one light shard. I’m assuming you are pretty comfortable with gimkit creative so tell me if I need to make the instructions more clear.

(Thanks @Valuex for answering my question about shards)

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The shard for the zapper is the light shard(then there’s medium and heavy shards).


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How do you make it only 1 shard? I have a granter that removes 15 so theres only 1 (it starts with 16 since its a rare zapper), yet its still 16

Make sure you type in -15. Also, make sure you connected a lifecycle set to “game start” to the item granter, and its wire setting is grant item not run wire pulse block

Okay so i have a system that gives you the zapper after 2 seconds after the game starts. so after 3 seconds after the game starts i remove 15 shards. it doesnt do anything @NavyCatZ

What was your exact set up for removing the 15 shards?

the shard thing is set to -15, the trigger triggers another granter farther away (through the channels) to give the zapper after 5 seconds go by, the wire repeater is set to 8 seconds
image @NavyCatZ

update: HOWEVER, if i set it to remove the zapper, it works, the zapper goes in then out of my inv

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I did some testing. Apparently, you cannot remove the 16 shards the zapper gives you without using them yourself. I’m not sure how to fix this. Other than that, it should work fine.