How do I have the game end once everybody is tagged?

I’m trying to make a hide and seek game, and I want to know how to end the game when everyone is tagged. (BUT WHEN ONE PERSON GETS TAGGED I WANT THEM TO BE ABLE TO SEEK UNTIL EVERYONE IS TAGGED)

use a team switcher.
player tagged → switch player to configured team

i want the game to end when everyone is tagged tho

Use a counter. Set the target value to zero, and start it at one. Make a zone encompassing the whole map to be less complicated.
Use a wire so that when a player enters the zone, it increments the counter. Make one trigger, rigged to trigger only once each, as soon as a player enters the zone. Make the trigger delay equal to one second. Hook the trigger up with wires to the counter, so that when it is triggered, the counter decrements. Copy that trigger once for each starting seeker. The amount of these identical triggers should be equal to the starting seekers plus one. You now have a counter for the hiders at the start of the game.
Rig your tag device with wires to decrement the counter if a hider is tagged. For this to work, make sure that when hiders are tagged and become seekers, they are now on the seekers’ team.
Finally, use wires and an end game device to end the game if the counter reaches its target value.
I hope this helps, and doesn’t only make sense in my head!

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