How do I give everyone an item after a timer?

So I’m working on a game I call “Bounty Hunters”, and I want to only give everyone the starting weapon after a one minute grace period. The timer itself works fine, but no matter what I do, the item granter never works. Here’s my current system:
Screenshot 2023-09-18 1.10.40 PM
The repeater makes the counter decrease by 1 every second, and the counter updates the “Grace Time” property so the time remaining is displayed in the upper right corner during gameplay. When the counter hits 0, it broadcasts on the channel “Grace Over”, which closes any open questioner, gets rid of the displayed timer, and SHOULD activate the relay so everyone gets a zapper, but no matter what I do, no zapper is given to anyone.

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Does it stop showing the timer?

It replaces the timer with the cash indicator, which is what it is intended to be doing.

Ok. Can you make the relay relay on a channel instead of a wire and see what happens?

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Somehow that seemed to solve the issue! Thanks for your help!

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I typically use wires, but they can be buggy.
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