How do I give an item a property

how do i make it so that if you select a gimfish then you can eat it and then you get life

what do you mean by life?

i mean health or shield

How to grant abilities when an item is “eaten”
would this work…?

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overlay button
sends on a checker
if checker says amount of fish is more than 0
grant health and remove one gimfish

or use vending machine (its buggy tho from my experience)

have a repeater(or trigger) repeat every second
send on channel to checker
if checker says more than 0 gimfish
show overlay
otherwise hide it

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thank you guys!!!

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First, I will get a item picture(which I will select to be a gimfish)! After this, I will have a trigger and vending machine next to it(only that both the trigger and vending machine are close to each other like this:

Now, I will go to the vending machine, and change the options like this:

Screenshot 2024-07-02 195626
After that, I will get a popup!
On my choice, it would say “Do you want to eat the gimfish?”
Screenshot 2024-07-02 195717
I will then go to the call of action feature.
There will only be one option(which is yes)

I will then have another popup to respond to the primary call of action.
Here is what the popup I just added will say:

Now, it’s time for a health granter. I chose my own options too!

Now, it’s time for the wiring.
Please make it that the trigger and vending machine are connected to the main popup.
For the trigger…

And for the vending machine…

For the main popup to the primary popup, I will connect it with wires again.

Then, I will connect the primary popup to the health granter with wires!

And that’s it! Keep working on your game and have lots of fun!

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wow. imagine grinding solutions on SOLVED posts. that’s why there is a checkbox by the title. idc if you get the solution but i want to tell you that solutions aren’t the point of the forums, giving people the help they need is. also, that isn’t even a tip.

[Google Definition of “Tip”] “Tip: a small but useful piece of practical advice.”

That “tip” of yours is in no way useful nor does it hold any advice.

Edit: @Queen.of.Learning, Chunky’s post was a better system than yours too.


Great work, detailed AND pictures? You already have a guide just waiting to be brought to life, Sophia!


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Its for my new system of liking people works. When I’m out of likes, I add a “Love Letter” emoji, or a like reminder, then search it up later!

Uh…you don’t really have to reply unless you still have issues & questions about the post…


Okay. Sorry.

Thanks for the feedback!

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