How do I get a Gim In a walking pose for a thumbnail

I have been looking to make a more interesting thumbnail for my game but I don’t know how to make a GIm be in a walking pose

do you have chromebook?
you can screen capture and move the gim at the same time
and then just remove the background


I do have Chromebook but I don’t know how I’ll remove the background

go onto any art website and you can do it
i think @NavyCatZ recommended a good one called kleki? am I making that up?

ill show u an example in a minute with a random photo

i rubbed out the background behind him with the tool i circled

THANK YOU for the help!

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did you manage to do the gim moving part?

yes! I did manage to do that

have fun making your thumbnail

you can also use!

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its a good one but if you use a school account then i think its blocked

not for me but for some other people maybe…

I actually used and its not blocked! :smiley:

My teacher actually recommended it to my class to use for a project, lol.

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ugh it isnt fair
but at least i dont have to hand in my computer at the end of the year like most of you guys

in what sort of class are you doing computer art?!


don’t question it

I don’t too! :smiley: Only if your like leaving and not there next year they ask you to.

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my school has digital art class…
anyways we should probably stop replying lol


my computer is my own
i bought it
and i can have alternate accounts but i dont bother bc ill just use my phone for that

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