How do I get a active leaderboard in game to show ko's in a game not at end of game

how do I make it so there’s something on the screen at all times that has a active ki ll score for each team?

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Use game overlays

Lifecycle tracks knockouts.

Counter starts at zero

lifecycle: event occurs - increment counter.

Have the overlay track a number property, lets say KO.

KO is player scoped, set to 0 on game start

Have the counter update KO

Have KO update the game overlay.


If you click the leaderboard button in the top right after you start the game, you can see the score.

yea, I know I want it to say the active ki lls of a team as the game is going

If you give the player an item every time they knockout someone, you can use game overlays to track that item.

@lando_1 this is a much easier way if you want to do it this way.

would I only have to do that once for 2 teams or would I need to do that twice?

I’ll just do it that way ty guys

I’ll make a colution in a sec gotta switch classes

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You should only need to do it once.

Only once just change the scope to teams.

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how would I do that?

like how would I give players items then track those items?

Use item granters.
When a player is knocked out, give someone an item,

sorry for the late response. I was state testing, but I’ll try that out thank you

I cant get it so go when you kil l someone it goes into your inv

please don’t rush solutions until the user knows what the answer is.

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Screenshot 2024-04-23 12.37.05 PM
this is what I have right now but don’t know if it will work

Don’t use a knockout manager.

instead, use a lifecycle that triggers when a player knocks out. grant the item to the triggering player.

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and I still am trying to figure out how to make a game overlay to show kil ls