How do I force a player to respawn at a specific location after something happens to them?

Read the title.

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I guess when the thing happens to them, grant them an item, then when they die, check that they have the item, if so, 0.5 delay, then teleport them to the teleporter.

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Ok but what do I do if its multiple places for them to respawn to? Like how would I make the repsawn place random?

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Using block code. After using that to randomly select a teleporter, broadcast a channel that teleports you there.

Set Variable [Variable] Value

Random Number from 1-[# of teleporters]

Broadcast Message on Channel

Convert Number to Text (something about commas)


Then the teleporters teleport the players there when receiving on [assigned #].


Wire the checker to a trigger with these blocks.

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Oh ok thanks!

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Could you send pictures instead please? It’s a bit difficult to understand that.

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This example is for 4 teleporters. In the teleporter, there’s an option to teleport there when receive on a channel (1-4).

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