How do I do the gravity effect in the new gamemode

I want to make a map similar to the new “don’t look down” gamemode but I can’t figure out how they did the gravity and that’s the main thing I need for this to work

You sadly can’t yet, but the creators of Gimkit are looking to add it, also welcome the forums, @MOSFET
You could maybe try,
@MOSFET Please do not use the resolved tag, instead maybe mark a Solution!

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There is no gravity device yet.
josh said in the discord that platforming would be added soon.

Also, welcome to the community!

Even if you can’t do this, find another game to make! It’s always fun to try to make Capture the Flag! :wink:

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Btw the resolved tag is unused as there are solutions now.

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Please don’t use the resolved tag; it has been unused for a long time; we have solutions now

dont forget to mark a solution :slight_smile:

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