How do I deactivate zones with channels - Please Help

How do I do this? I want when player leaves zone, the zone deactivates! But I also do not want all the wires!

yup channels
make a random channel name and insert it for both
player leaves zone > deactivate zone


How? Do you have images? I never used channels in my life!

It would only take like one wire…

It would have to have a wire repeater @Coolcaden26

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:neutral_face: Please show me how you do that

Ok it took like two but basically:

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name the channel whatever you want but it has to be the same

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Still does not make any sense (to me at least). What does that have to do with the picture?

Can someone else help please?

That will be too many wires. I have a LOT of zones @Coolcaden26 !

that is in the zone settings enter it and you’ll be fine

Alright, so here’s step by step.

You have some trigger or something, right? You want that to send a message over a channel.

Inside each of your zones, you set the deactivate channel to the same channel you broadcasted.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 104930

Then when the zone gets a message from that channel, it will deactivate. You can send that message through blocks as I have shown, or use a device. I’d need to know WHEN you want to deactivate it (like what condition) to be more specific.

Step 1 - Place a zone
Step 2 - Open the settings by clicking on it

Step 3 - Click the channels tab

Step 4 - Do what @Foxy said earlier


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You don’t need the block code - it’s a huge waste of memory.
Edit - Sorry over exaggeration

Well, I may or may not have not read the top first, leading to me being dumb here lol. I’m not sure if they can broadcast to themselves though.

They (zones) can (broadcast to themselves though) like triggers.

I marked a solution so we do not need to argue. We need to close this!

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Not arguing lol. Just wondering, I don’t think I’ve needed to use that capability yet (I general do big projects, such as making 1/2 player chess rn, similiar to Blackhole, and remaking D&D). I normally have a bunch of blocks as controllers, so yeah lol.