How do i deactivate a zone only to a certain player?

In my game. To get your first weapon, you walk into the room and it gives it to you, but every time the next person to walk in doesn’t get it. How do i fix it?

Do you have a counter that deactivates it?
(and btw, is your nickname your real name? you might wanna change that)

No I don’t, I’m new to gimkit.

you could put them on a different team

Connect it to a trigger with one max trigger. Make the max trigger scope player. Now connect everything that is connected to the zone to the trigger instead.

But then the nice sentries will try to oof them.

like what @christal said, change the teams, and check to see if someone is on the team, if there not. don’t active the thing-ma-jing

then put a barrier on the sentry(s) that’s only there to that one player

Use this. All you need is one trigger and a wire and you won’t have to do anything with teams.

Ok, so make your zone give you an item. Wire it so when the person leaves the zone, it increases a counter. The target on the counter is one. When it reaches the target, deactivate the zone.

Make sure the counter is player scoped!

Zone activation and deactivation is always global.

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