How do I build faster?

Right now, I’m creating a map which I assume is going to take me a WHILE! And most of the map requires me to build a lot. Is there a way that I could build faster because the building part is only like 20% of the final game. Or, Is there any one who could build for me? I will give you credits!

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Nope. You can’t build faster. All made by hand.

For the who can build for me, you can’t do it here. It’s just not allowed. You can go to the discord, padlets, or wix.

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Oh okay. It’s just that I’m on a school computer so discord, padlets, and wix are blocked.

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You can’t post codes; try padlet or wix

Also if your on computer, to build faster with terrain, try dragging your cursor from a point to another, make sure you’re keeping the cursor on hold.


Padlet and Wix are both blocked.

Then your gonna have to go solo, or ask some friends to help.

get a mouse (if u dont have one)

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I have a mouse!! (thank goodness I do)

I could build, or if u need to build faster, go to settings, go to player speed, click x3, and also go to zoom, and zoom all the way out, let me know if that helps!

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also, u can just double click and that should let u do it without holding down the mouse cursor, just make sure to go in a straight line.

That’s fine!

Yes, that worked and I also zoomed out! Just reply if you still want to build! (You don’t have to build- its up to you!)

Hmm, do u promise to help me on my game and get me more views? if not i’ll still help!

just give me link when u ready

in a this padlet:
u might have to ask for permission, or better yet, just let me create my own padlet

YES! I’ll help! :smile:

Padlet’s blocked for me :frowning:

ok, here’s mine: {(

don’t forget to mark a solution!

wait- walls or terrain- cuz if its walls, then idk, if its terrain just set ur brush to 4

oh yea touchscreen is a lifesaver use it if you can

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