How do i adjust weapon speed/damage

need help with making a weapon deal more damage by transmit

Uh, are you in a platformer? Do you have a max amount of players? You would essentially need to check if the player was moving, and if so grant the player a damage boost. If they stop moving, they lose the boost. This could be abused though.


its not plat former …

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That part could have a relay, where it works for ten seconds, then you need a ten second rest, but give him the solution.

its not platformer though

That part doesn’t matter, right?

It does not.

i think it matters cuz he asked me


oh kk didnt know my bad

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No, i think it would be abused more in platformer… beats me.

Well, Mark the first post as a solution!

i dont have a solution though one that cant be exploited or lose it whenever your not walking

wait… wasn’t this answered in the first reply?

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You could decrease how badly you could exploit it by doing two things: adding a two second delay so you have to be moving for a little bit in order to get the boost, and a precise coordinate system that checks the distance from the start point. If that distance is greater than a certain value, activate the damage boost.

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