How do i add buffs to whoever has the flag

how do i make it so when some one has the flag, they get stuff like a speed boost and a better wepon

Connect the flag to a speed modifier (flag picked up → set player to configured speed.) Connect the flag to a speed modifier with the speed set to 1 (flag dropped → set player to configured speed.) Do the same for weapons, where the player gets a weapon after picking up the flag but loses it after it drops. If you have capture zones, add an additional wire where after the flag is captured the speed/weapon is reset/taken away.

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So make the flag broadcast on “Give buffs” when it is picked up. Next, make the buffs activate when receiving on “Give Buffs”. To deactivate them, make the flag capture zone broadcast on “Deactivate buffs” when the flag is captured. The buffs should deactivate on that channel.


just so you know its for a king of the hill game

NavyCatz and Getrithekd solution should still work

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