How do I Activate/Deactivate Teleporters?

I want a teleporter to be deactivated and only reactivated only after the button is pressed. How do I do this?

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you can’t, but you can deactivate the button and reactivate it later


then how does fishtopia traveling to the different ponds work?

cover the button with a barrier and when you activate the teleporter deactivate the barrier and vise versa.

can i make the barrier invisible?

How is it being deactivated? After it is deactivated then you can just make it so that it activates after you press the button, right?

yes you can make it invisible.

Instead of using a real teleporter, use a zone connected to a teleporter, because you can activate and deactivate zones. If you want it to look like a teleporter, just have a teleporter with all the default settings.

Or you could have the teleporter wired to a wire repeater that can be activated/deactivated.

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you guys are confusing me
because im kind of a gimkit creative noob

Here. I want to help

Even tho I’m a gkc noob too I know this makes you want to click on it.
What I would do is:
put a barrier on top of the teleporter, and in the settings, make barrier “not visible in game”. wire the button to the barrier and do the options (button pressed) → (deactivate barrier)

if that works, mark it as a solution, and move on

or just have two buttons, and 1 has error message, but when teleporter can be used, it deactivates, and second one activates. but 2nd should not be active on game start…
just make buttons invisible. and use a prop behind them.

@Sweater did you get what you needed?

also fishtopia was way before creative building…i expect they used different platform/software system or whatever they do, to make fishtopia…as they add the new mechanics to creative after the gamemode with those mechanics is released…so they most likely don’t use our version of creative for gamemode making.

Option 1:
put a barrier on top of the teleporter (which is activated/deactivated by a button), this makes it impossible to use the teleporter

Option 2:
instead of using an Actual teleporter, you just put a teleporter there, (no target), and add a trigger triggered by collision. Then connect the TRIGGER to the other teleporter (where the player gets teleported). Ensure the trigger isn’t visible in-game and have a button deactivate/activate the trigger.

how do I mark it as solution?

can you please elaborate?
maybe add some screenshots?
I am so confused

oh yeah, the fishtopia thing works like that i think

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