How could I prevent a certain team from picking up items?

So, to sum it up:

Im making a hide n seek game where hiders need to get items to try and win. But, when the seeker finds a hider, the hider will drop the item. Then the seeker can pick up the item which would stop the hiders from winning. Im trying to find a way to prevent this, but i’ve had no luck. Can anyone help?

Welcome to the forums @UglySonic47 ! Ummm I’m not sure 'bout this but a regular could help you out…

Welcome to the forums @UglySonic47
Use an inventory item manager for the team that the seekers are on and make the item what ever the hiders have but set it to max they can have is 0
Let me get pictures…

okay so what item are you talking about where only 1 team can pick up?

well there’s multiple items that they get, mainly just placeholders for certain things. There’s some like seeds and keys to be specific.

thats what i was thinking i just dont know exactly how to set it up lol

Ok, here is how it is done.
use a relay and set it to all players on a specific team, make that team who ever is seeking…
Then set the Inventory item manager to keep track of what every items the hiders have, set it to zero like so.

And then wire the relay to the inventory item manager to where the relay is activated activate inventory manager.
then wire the tag zone to the relay and make it to where when player is tagged activate the relay.
Does this make sense?

so you could use a flag and put the safe zone around it and then just simply place the item in there

thanks, ill try that

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Scope is also important. That way whatever the triggering player’s team number is to pick up the item, it goes to the team.

it didnt work. maybe its because i dont use tag zones or i just did it wrong

Well, i would help you, but i dont know how to.

i actually may have just came up with a solution, thanks though