How could I implement a boss fight into a tag map?

I’m thinking about adding a boss fight to my tag map. It’s definitely not an integral part of it, but I want it to be a cool easter egg (?) you could find.

Yeah, i’m sure you could.
like layering sentries on top of each other and giving them an op weapon
waste of time tho
just make one sentry have lots of health and damage

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Wow, well um, welcome to the community @Magic
How was the fall?

Some classic boss battle attacks could be laser strikes, respawn zones, and sentry spawning, if you wanted to add that, as well as phase 1 and 2 where the phase 2 sentry has more health and dmg, as well as firing speed and accuracy than the phase 1.

That is an interesting spin on tag! What about a 1-3 hit point boss, but he can activate zones that can one-shot you in a difficult pattern that keeps you away from the boss, so you have to be focused on movement instead of just gunning the boss down.

Thank you for the ideas guys.

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