How come there are 1000 meters on dont look down but only 636 in creative

Anybody know why?!?!?!?

IDK why. Maybe it takes up all the memory to build to 636 meters?

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That’s just what the devs chose…


Don’t think it means anything significant.

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I don’t know why, but Josh said that he hopes to make an option to decide the height while starting up the game, right where you have the choice between top-down and platformer.

If you want to make it seem like there actually is 1000 meters, you can divide the property by 0.636 and round it down, using a lot of coding. I don’t really know how it is done, but you can definitely do it.

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actually isn’t that much coding if its just 2 lines of math right?

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No, you need to divide the property by .636.


But I don’t exactly know how to round it down

Thanks i myself was a teeny bit confused

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