How come I can't see my sentry when I start the game

How come I can’t see my sentry when I start the game
Screenshot 2023-10-26 5.19.34 PM
Screenshot 2023-10-26 5.19.17 PM
Screenshot 2023-10-26 5.18.12 PM


Is the sentry active on the start?

the sentries should spawn unless you made them unvisable when game starts.

How would I make it invisible

You could go to all options and scroll down to alpha: 1 you can see 0 invisible

If you have 0 item slots it wont appear

I can’t find the item slots code

no, in the map settings, if you have no item slots it wont appear
like how many gadgets you can hold

Does it still not work?

You can bypass the character limit by typing letters (and only letters) into <> brackets. What it does is hide it all (if it is only letters), so it works. Make sure to type enough to fill the entire 20 characters.

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