How can you make kill someone by just touching them

(making fnaf map) and i need help for them to just kill by touching them

Tag zones maybe?

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smart ill try ty man

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there is something called a tag zone device in devices that’s the closes we can get


Maybe use a tag zone and connect it to a team switcher to make the player switch to a spectator when they get tagged


Use a tag zone and a knockout device. Wire them and make it say this:

I hope this helps!

This isn’t necessary, the players respawn when tagged by default.

Or use a teleporter instead of respawning them.

Correct @JohanGim. That should be used for spectator

Tag zones will work. If you do not want them to respawn, connect it to a team switcher that switches it to spectator.
If you want the game to end, connect it to an end-game device.

Tag zones will respawn the player and you can connect the tag zone to a spectrer device if you wanted too.

Use a tag zone and put it all around the map, if you want it to tag everywhere. Then attach a wire from a tag zone to a respawn player. Player tagged- Respawn Player. If you want them to actually kinda die if they have a team you can add a spectator device.

You respawn on default when tagged, so you don’t need a respawn device


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