How can you make it so you can say someones name with a notification

Like when you have a notification you would have to type it out. But can you make it say anyone’s name that is in the game

  1. Open blocks for the notification
  2. Make a new block
  3. Send Notification
    Title - triggering players name
    There you go



Try this

Oop I was a bit late. I’m still gonna do it but mark jo bozo as solution, please.

Get a block in the notification device, get the for this device section and put send notification onto the block pad. Make the title triggering persons name, and its the title.

If you want it in the middle of the sentence, you can use multiple create text to do that!

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That’s not right. They asked for anyone in the game, so you need:

  1. Relay set for random player
  2. Block in notification that looks like this:
Send Notification
Title [Triggering Player's Name]
Content [(Text Here)]

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