How can you make it so once every player is in one specific team, the game ends

this is the last piece of code I need to finish my game

like a infection game?

(i think i had a dream bout this ngl)

Basically yes, once a player gets eliminated, they switch teams

Use the End Game Device and set up a block pulse, so when only the 1 team has players in it, the device ends the game.

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Alright, tysm. I can now finally finish my game

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How do I set up a block pulse?

idk i dont use complicated stuff
ask @CasualGamer

How do I make a block pulse @CasualGamer

Go into the blocks menu? I havent messed with the editor. I’ll fire it up to see if it has Blocks.

To use blocks, you have to use a certain device and endgame has no blocks options

Again, I didn’t mess around with the editor in depth yet, and just in general in about a week- sorry!

@Blackhole927 is also good with blocks

YOu need to make another device send a signal once all players are on the team, mind you. Either through a wire or a Channel.