How can you make a notification to say to everyone that says the triggering player’s name bought something from a vending machine?

Pls Help me. I am trying to make a game were people can buy better and stronger weapons from vending machines. I want it so when anyone buy a weapon from the vending machine, a notification will pop up for everyone saying, triggering player’s name bought the weapon!
How could I do this? (if you need a further explanation about what I need help on, feel free to ask!) Pls be detailed when explaining! Thanks.

(Vending Machine) Item Purchased > (Notification) Run Wire Pulse Block


Send Notification | Title: “Triggering Player’s Name”
                                  Content: Bought from the Vending Machine!

Make sure the Notification sends to all players.
It’s in the “All Options” tab.


Thank you so much for replying, your reply helped A LOT! I just have one question. I am kind of a block code noob, so how do you add the “Bought from the vending machine!” part as a block. What block is it?

True! This game can be very detailed and compacted when making something, especially for a children’s game!

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wait! can someone help answer my question?

Check the text subsection. It’s the one with nothing in it, spearmint green. You might also need the “Make/Create Text” block. Also spearmint green.

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