How can i take a item out of a players inventory!

need help :upside_down_face: i dont know i need it to where you enter a teleporter it takes a gun away

Use an inventory item manager

Wire an item granters that grants -1 of the “Gun” To the teleporter, when you teleport, grant item

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So that when you enter the teleporter it takes away the weapon

something like this

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Hey, try not to share personal info!

Your all good, and i’m not sure you can grant a negitve item, there was a big debate on it and i fogot if you can or not.

It works, I’ve used it before.

ninja’d :stuck_out_tongue:

See thats why I said im not sure, I normally dont mess with devices, so I wouldn’t know.

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You can use <> with letters in the middle to evade the 20 character limit

make a item granter with the weapon, make it -1. Now, wire the teleporter to the item granter: Player enters teleporter - Grant Item

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Thats what my image shows


I know, just to show the wires

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