How can i stop a signal sending from a property

I have a property and when the property value changes it sends a signal to a channel but is there a way to stop it from sending a signal for a bit?

You could make it send to a trigger and deactivate the trigger when you want it to not send.


I will try it thanks

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Well I need a way to be able to deactivate the signal but then activate it again right after, so it stops the signal but then i need to let any other signals that come after come through.

You have a trigger that receives on the signal that stops the property’s signal. Make that trigger deactivate the trigger receiving from the property. After that, make the trigger that deactivates the other one trigger a .015s trigger that activates the property’s trigger.

I did not understand you very well but I think you meant that I should make another trigger that activates the old one after .015 seconds?


ok i did that but for some reason now its letting the signal through again which it had not before i had added the second trigger

Its supposed to block signals for .015s. If you want to make it to send the signal when you choose, make the delayed trigger not have a delay and make it be triggered whenever you want.

Let me go ahead and give you context because you seem like you can solve this. I have a red light-green light game from Squid Game. When it is red light a signal is sent that sees if the player’s energy is changing and if it is then it will respawn you. what my problem is when you answer questions you get energy so if it is red light when you answer a question then you die which i don’t want to happen. so im trying to make the player not die when they get energy by answering questions.

Oh! Use the inventory item manager’s blocks! Make it NOT edit the property. Use something like this:

The accelerate channel should be replaced with the channel that says that the player moved. Don’t let the property broadcast on a channel.


Ok thanks I will try it, what should i replace “light shards” with? also should i delete the repeaters from earlier


The property for energy.

Delete everything I’ve told you to make except for the blocks.

I dont think i have a property for energy because it is an item

Ok. Then make a property for it.

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OH MY GOSH IT WORKSSSS THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUU i have been trying to fix that for so long :smiling_face_with_tear:

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