How can I open a barrier after a set amount of time?

My friend and I are making a battle royal game, and we need a barrier to open after 15 minutes of a button activating it. How can I do this? Thanks this is my first post!

Make a timer using a counter and/or a repeater and once they finish the task set a wire pulse to deactivate the barrier, welcome to the forum! @Maximilian

Thanks! I’ll go try that!

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I’m not really good with Gimkit honestly, I just love the community here. I could try and help, but I might not be right. Also if you find a solution, mark it as one!

It does work to deactivate a barrier after a task however, could I make it deactivate after a given time period?

Put down a lifecycle device, set event to game start, then connect to a repeater so when event happens the repeater starts. Set the repeater to repeat every second and then set how long you want it to repeat for and connect it to the counter. Then however long the counter is set for is how long it should take for it to activate in seconds. Ex 1 min, set the counter target to 60