How can i make time like in fnaf

like 1 min is 1 hour and 6 mins i 1 night?

just use a repeater clock that runs every second

i whant one that counts down

make it decrement then

how can i make it to where when the clock it at 0 the game ends

the clock at 0 the game ends

When counter hits target value → End Game

PLS mark a solution when found.

it just now gos to the negatives and doesent stop

so no solution yet so yeeet

You can set the counter target value to 0, @craftking12.

The Target has to be 0 or else it’ll go into the negatives.

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Just go into the game settings and select a timer, and when game timer reaches 0 it will automatically end game, its under score.

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Just go to Devices and search up counter

There are multiple nights in fnaf though and you need a repeater-counter clock because the animatronic ai increases.

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Is it possible to reset the timer after a certain amount of time so that it can recount down again @Haiasi?

just reset the counter and stop and start the repeater lol

That is true, but can’t you just make it to based off of game time, the next day starts? Or no? I am trying to learn most devices and functions to prove those who have a thig against me and what I do to make them dissapear when I can do all that you can do in GKC.

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it’s a wire option.


yeah, a wire and channel act instantly after signal is recieved

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