How can I make the team with the highest number on their counter get cash?

Basically, I’m making this little minigame inside of my game and I’m using counters. When you score, I made it so the counter goes up for your team. At the end of the minigame, I want the team that got the highest score to get cash. How can I make it so the team with the highest number on their counter out of all of them gets cash???

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you could tie each counter to a different number property and use a trigger or someting to insert block code that checks which one is greaeter


Or use a checker

i thought checkers cant compare two different properties

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Oh! Right. Sorry. xxx

Ok, thank you!

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Bump because unresolved, and this could be really helpful if resolved.

I think it’s resolved already, but basically what Gimpossible said. Tie the counters to different properties and use an inequality and if then block that checks, “If get property(team1) > get property(team2), broadcast message on channel (team1win), else broadcast message on channel (team2win)”

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what if there is a tie, your code would have team 2 win. you need an else if block after the if block, then else team2win

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