How can I make someone "It" like in snowy survival

I want to make a game where someone is “it” like in snowy survival. How do I make that happen?

Look under among-us

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Make a relay to a random player. That person should be on team 2. When a player is knocked out, they switch to team 2. If they get tagged, they switch to team two.

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Don’t worry, there’s no need to ask the devs. Forum users have long ago figured out how to do this.


The imposter is the cursed, just give the imposter the weapon

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I think you added an extra \ and it’s not even the right dash, it’s supposed to be / when seperating wordlinks

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It was a typo lol

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For the person infected at the start, take a lifecycle, set it to game start, and connect it to a relay set for a random person. Make the random person get a item and be switched to a different team.