How can I make my counter show on game overlay? I'm not using it to count down time though

I’m using it to count KOs and in my game 20 KOs win so I want people to see the score at all times.

use a property
(do you know what it is?)

Make the counter update a property and have the overlay show that property


Yes, but when I was using it the first time, I was struggling with updating it

Ok, so Lifecyle —> trigger
Trigger (block code:
set Property + 1
Overlay: Set property to the property you just used

update it on player ko’s

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If you go to the counter settings you can make it track a property. In the popup have it run block code (on a channel or wire) and set the text to set text. create text with. get property (name of the property)

wrong ping?

Like this?

yeah now set the overlay to the kills 1 propery

I copy pasted to save time and then edited some it to make it original but forgot the name. Whoops