How can I make loot crates that once one player opens it (for free) no one else can open it/or it will dissapear? Loot crates should be random as well

Trying to make random loot crates that once a player opens the crate, gets their random item (cash, med kit, shield can, random weapon ranging rare to legendary) that same player is the ONLY one who gets the item, and then the crate will disappear! Please help!!!

You can wire it to a button the increments a counter. When the counter reaches one it will give the person who pressed it an item via an item granter with a wire. Wire the counter to the prop as well so that when it reaches it’s goal, it the prop disappears.


Thank you so much!! Rly appreciate it

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Welcome to the forum, @ShadowDragon44 !!

Welcome to the forums, @ShadowDragon44 !
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