How can I make it where you go to do something and then something else occurs and you go to it

How to make it like for example you go to read some message and then you go back to where you were and something appears

I do not understand what you mean?

Use a checker or make it so when you come back to your quest area you can step on a trigger or go into a teleporter. (It depends on what kind of quests you want.)

So like for example you get a message, the message says to go somewhere else, when you go there, something that was NOT there appears

Yeah, use text and a checker or trigger.
But what type of thing do you want shown on the board?

you could like not write what you want to be there like make something up instead of putting the actual thing.

Do you want something like this?


After finishing:

The lifecycle should be set to game start.
The trigger:

Make it not trigger-able by player collision.
Wire the lifecycle to trigger: Event occurs - trigger.
Make the checker check when receiving on “start1” and when the check passes, transmit on “Change text”
Then make the check:

For the text make the quest what ever you want, then go to blocks and do when receiving on channel “Change text”, make the block code:

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yeah kinda for example like a popup message appears in a room, you go to the kitchen and it says to go back to the room, and then something appears, like a button

just put it so that the button is not active and is invisible on game start, and when you perform a certain action it is triggered to appear and be active.

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yeah that is what i meant

Just put zones at the entrances of the rooms and wire them to pop ups, then make it so when they enter the other room again it activates a trigger or button or something.
(You can keep track by using an invisible counter)