How can I make a team-only pvp area? (RESOLVED)

I want to make areas/zones where only the team can shoot, but other teams cannot shoot. How can I do this?

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kind of like a tag game?

Not really, I want only one team to be able to shoot a weapon at other teams in an area.

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tbh i wanted to sond elpful but i really do not have the slightest clue

That’s ok.
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Ok, I found a way. I’m just making it so that if it isn’t the specific team, then it gets rid of the weapon from the player, so that only one team has the weapon and can shoot.

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thats great

Try this (it may be simpler) set the zone to not allow gadget fire, and active on game start. Then, connect a lifecycle set to game start to a relay for all players on specific team and set that team to the team you want to be able to shoot in the zone. Then wire relay->zone and set the wire to relay trigger->deactivate zone

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