How can I make a platformer map?

I would recommend just asking your friends, or maybe going to the gimkit discord server.
Lostsea3’s post below me has some more, better, ideas.

well theres the wix which some people can’t get to and then theres padlet, canva, google docs

Then perhaps go to your friends, or, as lostsea pointed out:
The WIXsite, padlets, canva, google docs.

I don’t have the links to any of these, but maybe someone else can provide them.

my page crashed lol idk why

what wix site? where can I find it

As I said, I don’t have the links to any of these (I don’t talk on these sites, I’m only active here and on the discord), so you’ll have to find someone else to provide the links. Sorry.

oh man like me padlet and canva are very school compatble (school hates wix) and google docs is required but harder to work with because you have to have people exact emails to let them see it if they are from the outside the anyone with link only works within your orgnzation

whats your blocker for school (mines CKmobile)

okay thank you for the help.

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