How can I make a platformer map?

The new platformer mode came out to the public and I really want to make a platformer map but whenever I load into creative, I have a normal 2d mode like tag.

It not out yet

this will help a lot if you can help. thanks.

It’s releasing tomorrow. When it does, you simply create a new map and a menu will pop up asking you to pick the map type you want to make.

OHHH thanks man that is helpful. why did it say it came out when I opened the tab though?

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hello and welcome to the city of chaos the fourms, i hope you find your stay here enjoyable @pepgaming14

it comes out tommrow IF you have bought the season ticket

I don’t know, maybe you misread the message, or Team Gimkit accidentally sent the message early?
But it’s not out today, sorry.


wait… I have to buy it? even normally?

yep you do but next season maybe it will be free idk

what is it no longer chaotic do you want me to start saying welcome to the spire of order insted

Platformer releases tomorrow, only for people who own season ticket ($5). It will release for all gimkit users later this year, but if you want early access you need season ticket.

why are so many ppl on this? there was a reply right as I posted it lol

nobody wants to be welcomed into a tornado. at least make it sound better : D

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who wants to make a map together?

im letting them know it is before they start asking questions in later post why we say its dying

you can not post codes here you may post them in a padelt or else where

Not here, codes aren’t allowed.

sorry didnt see your post lostsea3

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Forums aren’t dying lol, they’re fine.

If you’re going to make a map, the forums really isn’t the best place to organize it, since sharing game codes isn’t allowed here. Sorry.


okay. where should I do it?