How can i make a button cost an item?

Idea, what about make the button not active on start, and then the item that is needed add on the item needed part on the vending machine, also make the vending machine deactivate on purchase, and add a wire (or use channel) machine deactivate > activate button

You could cover button with barrier and make the barriers dissapear when you buy something in a vending machine.

Oh ok, well let’s see.
First, when you buy the item, transmit on a channel.
I don’t think you can activate a button using this, but you can do it ti a trigger. Let’s use this instead.
Finally, put the same channel on trigger when receiving on. Done!
Now put the other settings you want on the trigger.
For an easier way, just use a wire.

Wait I think I got it backwards again lol! :rofl:


Solution found, thank you.

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