How can i make a bounty system

so i need a system to track the player with the most points and give a reward for defeating him

could be possible with some properties and blocks couple item granters and something else,…

If you give me some time I can create a system for you.

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What is the points system? Flags… knockouts… amount of an item grabbed…
If you can specify that I can build a system.

So 3 teams are trying to win, however in the leaderboard you can see the total score of a team but not the amount of money the MVP of a team has. So here’s how you can do it! First, you will need to edit the trigger for the upgrades block code. Simply(yet epically) add a Broadcast Message On Channel “update leader” and then add 3(or however many teams you have) and set their settings to this:
Change the team number to each one like this:
ect. Now, add a game overlay and set its settings to this:
Make the first scope setting to team and the second one to player. Next, we will create a block that happens “When recieving on channel ‘update leader’” and add these blocks:
In the picture you see two properties that I haven’t explained yet. First, add the “Cash” property and set the settings to this:
Then add a Item inventory manager. Set its settings to this:
Finally, add the “Highest” property and set it to the same things as the “Cash” property, however set its scope to “team” and done!

Now in order to transfer the score you need to have a KO device, set for players. Wire this to a trigger like so: Target knocked out -----> Trigger. Inside of the trigger make sure it have non visible, nor should it be possible to be triggered on player impact. Then set the block code to do the following when triggered:

set property "Cash to get property “Highest”

And done! If this doesn’t work let me know, but I hope it does!


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