How can i have moving sentrys for my fnaf

i know what i whant for it tho i whant a counter that counts down once it gets to 0 the sentry gets nocked out and a new one pops up

Yes but you a bunch of triggers

Well, true moving sentries are not possible. But you can have the sentry hide when it receives on a channel.

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Target Value Reached β†’ Deactivate Sentry

Target Value Reached β†’ Activate Sentry

My FNAF TUG explains it, just connect the counter-clock to the trigger.

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sorry you need a bunch of triggers

jace stoppppp you dont know what triggers do dont get this flagged again.

how could it get flagged for sppelling?

@Haiasi, 6 more solution until 400!

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you wrote an inappropriate word.

what word is tat? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: im confusssed

not saying. I’ll get cancelled.

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i didint write a cuase word so what is it?

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I know what I want for it though. I want a counter that counts down once it gets to 0, the sentry gets knocked out and a new one pops up.
This is what you meant right?

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It is impossible to have moving sentries.


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