How can I have a popup or notification say the players name who activated it?

thats it the name says it all

like ( ) freed the end

parenthasece are the players name

When this event occurs > Run Wire Pulse Block


Send Notification | Title | “Triggering Player’s name” did _!
Set Text | Create Text With | “Triggering Player’s Name”
did _!
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say whaaaaattttt?:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Choose the event to send a notification or set the text of the popup.
What are you confused about?

is there like a giude or somthing thats on the form no offence but its still kind of confusing

what is activation the popup? a button? A trigger?

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This guide is really simple. It’s the base thing me and a couple other users used for a collab map. You can change it so it updates a property.

That’s a name-checking system though.

I added an extra bit. (In the reply, I mean)

Nice to know that, that is a thing.

@craftking12 I can make a system for you but it may take awhile.

Most systems do, just saying.

when you kill a sentry te notifacation sends out saying they beat the game

Sentry Knocked Out > Run Wire Pulse Block

Use the block code above

@craftking12 The system is actually realy simple and can be contained within one device. I didn’t know what you wanted it to say but I hope this helps. I’m using a pop-up but it works the same for notification.



I knew the system wouldn’t take me long to make I just wasn’t sure when I would have time.

For me, I would go about this by adding an on wire pulse block to my notification and making the text a concatenation of your message, the name, and the message ending. This is kinda what it would look like:

create text + string "player "
            + Activating player (found in the essential tab)
            + " activated this"

The space is important as if not included, your message may look like:
playerm1dnightactivated this

You seem to be experience on the forums with a 9hr reed time, but just remember to mark the best solution.