How can i do a day and night cycle

Is there a way to make one or is it still impossible.

you can show/hide a tinted barrier over the entire map on a schedule

What devices do I need to use @CassiusDoomlorde

You would need a barrier, a lifecycle, and some wire repeaters with long delays.

The delay limit for a wire repeater is 60 seconds, so you will have to string a few of them together to make a loop with long delays.

Wire the lifecycle to a wire repeater. Wire that to a wire repeater. Wire that to the first wire repeater. Set the delay to the amount of time you want the night to last. Wire each wire repeater to the barrier, where one hides it and the other shows it.

@2029bensonVin sure

Would I be able to send you the code to my map through the wix. My map is so big it will be very difficult to put one single barrier over the entire map.

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