How can I change what the questioner grants when a counter reaches 0?

I am making a capture the flag game where after 50 questions are answered, the shop opens. How can I make the questioner change from granting 10 snowballs to 15 snowballs? The questions uses an item granter.

make another questioner and item granter

is there any way to just have 1 questioner

No you have to have 2 questioners to change it.

It would be like a questioner (answered correctly) wired to a counter incremeanting it. The 1st questioner would be wired to the item granter with 10 snowballs. The counter would have a target of 50. Then wire the counter to the first questioner deactivating it. Then wire the counter to a second questioner activating it. The 2nd questioner would be wired to an item granter with 15 snowballs. If you need pics pls ask. But if your question was answered please mark a solution!

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