How are we supposed to post our maps?

We can’t earn gimbucks this summer, soo…

Have the season ticket. Pay-to-win, I know.

Didn’t the season ticket expire like XP did?

Screenshot 2024-06-13 9.00.54 AM
Screenshot 2024-06-13 9.01.18 AM
I think they pushed the season tickets’ end from late June to August because I remember the end date being June 26 or something.


(Ouch, misread that. Sorry!)
Having a season ticket makes publishing maps free.

You could also use 1000 gimbucks to publish if you saved some from last school year, but really that’s the only options you got for publishing.

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So yeah. This does leave the people with no gimbucks [me with 50 gimbucks] and no ticket unable to publish.
[I know that the ticket makes publishing free.]

Maybe post the game as showcase links on your forum profile, the Wix, the Discord and the Wiki.
Just be sure to update it every week.


Looks like a bit of an oversight overall.

The Discord and Wiki are also great places to put your showcase links in and host your game.

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New wiki or old wiki?
[I won’t be using the old one for anything.]

As far as all of the sharing options go, Discord is the best as it has more people and more action.

The Fandom Wiki discussion area. Currently, the wiki that’s in development does not have a proper section to post game links other than using Discord.

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It’s either 2 options:

  1. Buy the season ticket
  2. If you did the grind from last item shop and still have 1,000 gimbucks, you can post your map.
    If not,

yeah if you don’t have season ticket or saved gimbucks you just have to wait I guess.

Ok guys don’t repeat other answers, and please mark a solution!

sadly unless you have saved gimbucks or have the season ticket you cannot publish maps over summer

oh ok thsnkds so much

you could showcase it though, just update weekly

how publishing works over summer
this will answer your question as others are concerned

i saved my gimbucks but there are 2 maps i made and i can’t decide

choose the one you think is best of the 2, and also, everyone that said you need at least 1,000 GimBucks, true but if you’re not level 50, it won’t work, which for one account, i’m not, which is sad