Host overlay for gimoung us

I want to make an overlay only available to the host

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Lifecycle (game start) > Show Overlay
Make sure the overlay is hidden on game start and scope is player.

sorry, but I’ve tried this before and I doesn’t work

Make a separate Spawn Pad where the host spawns and place a trigger there that is wired to your overlay (still same settings from previous post of mine)

yeah but how do you know the host spawned in the area? (the spawn cant be wired)

That’s what the trigger is for.
Read my previous post above.

im still confused, how does the trigger get activated

By collision.
There should be a setting in the trigger to allow it to be activated by player collision (a.k.a player stepping on it)

kk, thanks.

Don’t forget to mark a solution when you’re ready!

also, how do you make the trigger stop? i want it to be used once in a game

First off, when you try connecting a device to a trigger, what are the trigger’s wire options?

Make the max triggers 1 and scope (if there is one, idk) player

Oh true, forgot that exists.

When there is not a number in the max triggers, the scope setting shows. However, if you put a value in, the scope disappears.

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