Horror map ideas

is there a way i can make a sentry that can chase you around map, and it always knows where you are?

Yes there is give me a second and I’ll elaborate…
keep in mind this is only for hardworking and dedicated builders.

It would take a lot of zones and sentrys

You use zones where they detect players, and make sentries activate and deactivate in a line to get close to player(s) it would be difficult in multiplayer as it would seem to be 3 thousand sentries but in one player it would work…it would probably take an expert builder here to help ya as it is very hard, memory absorbing, annoying, and genius planning and testing involved…it would be surprising for anyone to complete it on their own no matter their skill level.

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a second player would work a lot better

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im relativity new to gimkit, so i dont know much code is there any guides you would reccomend?

I don’t think there are any guides, but I can explain it for you


This is not a easy build…its not a guide its a connect and test and build as you go…again you would need the help of someone like @Blizzy or @Shdwy or @WolfTechnology to help do it.

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ok i wont be back on to make my map until tomorrow

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but i will reach out

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Yeah, legobuilder is right. Maybe we can ask gimkit to try and make that happen.

okay i could not find the update where wolftech told me but i asked about moving sentries and he said josh told him its wip.

Oh I wasn’t actually going to ask… it was just a suggestion.