Horror Game Dilemma

I am making a horror game, and I don’t know how to make it so that the power runs out quicker when the doors are shut

What do you mean by power? Are you talking about the energy for players to move?

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why did you delete it we can still see it you know by clicking the pencil.

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no like the lights in fnaf

I made it myself. I have a few others that i could give to you

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Oh ok…I don’t know if you can use lights so I would ask someone like @WhoAmI @ClicClac or @Blackhole927

You can use barriers of 0.8 opacity overlayed over each other with collision off and color black, and use 2 different repeaters. If doors are open, start the first repeater and have the lights power off slowly every 10 seoncds. If doors are closed, stop the first repeater and power the second repeater, and have them power off every 5 seconds?

I dont understand. Could you show me?

Can’t right now. I will get back to you in a couple hours.

what are you trying to do?