Holding Flags. (extra stuff blah blah blah)

I don’t really need help, just something interesting i found.

You can hold a max of 5 flags thanks to item slots.


Wow! That is interesting!


That is pretty interesting, and could have some interesting gameplay implications but can you tag this as off-topic?

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@ClicClac next up, visual pseudo teaming with flags

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This got me thinking…are you able to hold multiple of the same colored flag? If not, can you work around that with an IIM?

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Flags are weird. Like, really weird. I don’t want to mess with those until I have to.

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And you can always just check your inventory.

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It has the same effect with the same - colored flags.

It could act as a way to differentiate between teams if one team had blue flags the whole time and one had red or something. But that’s what colored nametags are for, so…
What are the other applications of this though

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That looks so funny.

(@Vortex-Mist you may want to mark a solution to close this topic, as it is off-topic)

You are. I remember doing that in class wars.