Hiding? Doors help and help <ssssss>

So… how do you make a hiding system like doors?

i is so when a button is pressed you hide where you cant move and you set property to something and then you can leave the place idk

You could have a hidden vending machine or button wired to a teleporter to the hiding place?

button pressed-teleport player

yeah but i want it to be able to get out and not move

You could have a zone inside the hiding place that makes a game overlay button appear. Then, that button could be used to teleport the player out of the hiding place. Do you need clarification?

and back?

Do you want me to add pictures?

you can but i think i can know them from just talking


you still there?

What do you need help with?

press overlay button when in zone, and teleport to a teleporter but it changes because i have many or the some but without overlay its button


The full mechanism should look something like this:

??? what

i dont understand can you explain?

Get a vending machine, 2 teleporters, a game overlay, a zone, and a prop to hide in. Make the vending machine title say “hide” or something and make it invisible in-game. Then, wire it to one of the teleporters, so that if it was bought, the player would be teleported there. Then, make both teleporters in the same group and same target. Then, wire the zone to the game overlay, with entered zone, show overlay. Then, wire the overlay to the second teleporter, with button pressed, teleport there. Make the overlay be a button, and all its scope to player. Put it so that both teleporters are invisible in-game. Finally, put something in the “player leaves zone” channel in the zone, and put the same thing in the overlay’s “hide overlay when receiving on.”

Sorry for skipping around a lot. Also, you can use teleporter targets so people can’t teleport by stepping on them.


I thought targets were how people teleported by stepping on them? Am I wrong?

Targets are the teleporter that it “targets,” the teleporter that the player goes to immediately.

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