Hide n seek ideas (quests, places, etc.)

I´ve already added a ruined castle, a park, a snowy area, an abandoned building, another shop, some npcs, you know, like quests. Any idea for anymore hiding spots or quests? Like restaurants or minigames? Or the quests, like finding a checkpoint for yourself instead of spectating. Or even anything else, I´m asking the forums because I know you have great ideas :smile:

Minigames: Tic tac toe, rock paper scissors.

Places: City Sky Scraper or cave with cool gems inside!

You could also add modifiers, that happen randomly!

Like, the seeker could be much faster, or the hiders have less time to hide, and you could name them too!

Like having 2 seekers can be called, “Double Trouble”

You could add lore, for the hiders to uncover as they hide. For instance, having an Echo agent in the snowy area telling you about a mission.

Make an alien area with purple grass and pink/purple trees, with other props that fit that theme

Quest: Find all 4 codexes (the gimkit books)

Waterfall that you can go under. Leads to cozy campfire place.

That campfire place can heal you, (You have a vending machine that requires a fish, and when you give it the fish, it heals you, like cooking on a campfire.)

i love yalls ideas! any more?

There is a lab, and you have to repair potions. Use broken glass and vending machines, then hide the glass and show a fixed “chemical” after the vending machine has been activated (and turns off after used).

A Blacksmith where you have to use crafting tables (and for your, recipes) to upgrade your weapons to “knock out” a boss.

how do you make a waterfall though???

You can use barriers to look like one. Maybe even try using animation:

I will publish the map, and then make the other ideas new updates. You are welcome to add as much to this topic as long as its not off-topic, ok??? Hope you play it soon!

ok i need more ideas, (i feel as if i sound weirdly determined or addicted to something, but its ok i’m just trying to get ideas : ) ) my map is fine, just want to see if you have anymore ideas because im finishing up whats on this topic. Sorry if I sound rude

Seek out the hidden items, like maybe a ticket. Use vending machines to “cash them in” for in-game currency used for the purchase of other abilities. Using the new dynamic blocks, you may be able to do the same for Dynamic Items.